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The Course runs for 3 days.

The responsibility for establishing a sound control environment, conducive for effective and efficient banking operation, is vested in the Board of Directors.  Senior management provides effect to policies of the board for the day-to-day operation of the business.  Line management shoulders responsibility for the implementation of policies and workability of the process. Along the control continuum, comprising control points from the office of the board chairman through to the gateman that provides access security, the responsibility for adherence lies on designated officers for assigned functions. Compliance, which encompasses internal control, internal audit and the compliance office, ensures that standards are maintained by all concerned for the smooth running of business operation.  It is therefore imperative that internal control officers are equipped with tools and technique required for effective and efficient monitoring of the process to ensure that operators conform to established standards and regulatory requirements. A strong internal control function is a key requirement where officers in charge of day-to-day control functions are empowered to monitor adherence to business process standards and regulatory requirements.

With increasing sophistication of banking products and challenges of competition, there is need for continuous assessment of internal control processes and institutional framework for consistent improvement of the control environment and enhanced quality of service delivery.  The need for continuous assessment of internal control processes and institutional framework requires independent post-mortem back-end review of business activities to ensure compliance. 

To adequately meet the challenges of entrenching a robust control environment, Control Edge Consulting Limited has designed a 3-day training course on Control for Control Officers to enable bank officers, involved in day-to-day control functions, to acquire new skills and update existing ones.  This course is specifically designed for officers involved in day-to-day control functions.  It offers to train control officers about improving the control environment by examining and addressing control issues present in various segments of banking operations. The principal aim is to equip them with necessary understanding of tools and techniques to manage the internal control process.  The training is, however, also useful for relationship managers and operations officers.  The course is divided into 9 modules for effective administration.


The training seeks to provide officers with responsibility for managing controls in financial institutions with the basic and modern techniques for monitoring internal control processes and improve the control environment.  To provide them with tools and methods for adequate understanding of the internal control process and the application of controls for effective operational risk management. It will enable participants to evaluate the bank’s system of internal control and ensure that controls are properly designed and are functioning as intended. It will inform participants on recommendations for improving controls for effectiveness and efficiency of operations.  It will enable them understand operational risks in banks and controls to minimize operational failures.


Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Internal Control Officers, Internal Auditors, Risk Analysts, Operations Officers, Compliance Officers


Module 1: Overview of the Control Environment
Module 2: Governance Architecture
Module 3: Policies and Procedures
Module 4: Internal Control
Module 5: Cash and Tellers
Module 6: Funds Transfer
Module 7: Customer Services
Module 8: Clearing
Module 9: Trade Services/Foreign Operations
Module 10: Credit Risk
Module 11: Compliance
Module 12: Treasury and Treasury Operations
Module 13: Management of GL Account
Module 14: Documents and Archiving


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