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Course Duration - 5 days

The banking environment is becoming increasingly more competitive and more challenging. The recent re-capitalization and consolidation of banks has transformed these institutions into mega banks relative to the Nigerian economy. The regulatory environment is continually being strengthened to address the challenges of change and the global competitive environment. All these further put pressure on banks for enhanced risk management strategy for consistent performance improvement.

Risk management has been viewed from various perspectives by risk professionals and consultants. The marketplace has been inundated with tools and materials for managing risks along product lines. However, adequate emphasis has yet been accorded the basic foundation that provides the delivery platforms for most of the products. While risk management continues to command attention both along product lines and risk families, the basic foundation that provides the departure platform for end-to-end risk analysis, e.g. from business philosophy to remedial management, is either assumed or ignored, thus creating lacuna problems for young risk analysts.

Control Edge views development of strong end-to-end process approach as the viable point of departure for sound risk management by banks. Our risk management seminar, therefore, addresses the control issues along the process continuum from business philosophy (the cardinal point) to remedial management and portfolio management.

Control Edge Consulting Limited hereby presents a 5-day credit seminar on Foundation of Risk Management to enable banks institute sound risk management culture to improve the risk and control environment.


To familiarize participants with the best practice in risk management process. To emphasize the critical role of a well-articulated risk architecture in the risk and control approval process. To familiarize participants with risk management strategies that facilitate sound risk appraisal process in the extension of credit. To demonstrate how internal control failures can be avoided through a well-established risk management and risk and control self-assessment process. To acquaint participants with tools and techniques of risk and control self-assessment for effective internal control process.



Managers with overall responsibilities for risk management, Relationship Managers, Senior Credit Officers, Senior Internal Control Officers, Credit Administration Officers, Legal Officers, Senior Operations Officers, Compliance Officers.



Module 1: Overview of Risk Management Process
Module 2: Risk Management Strategy
Module 3: Portfolio Management Strategy
Module 4: Risk Origination And Structure
Module 5: Monitoring, Maintenance & Collection
Module 6: Risk Administration
Module 7: Problem Recognition
Module 8: Remedial Management

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