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The Course runs for 3 days.

Fraud poses a serious risk to our franchise and threatens our businesses in many shapes. Credit, operation and electronic fraud increase by the day leaving banks with enormous task of managing the fraudsters and attendant losses. Unemployment level continues to soar, with tens of thousands of university graduates without jobs. The banks remain the number 1 target, and have witnessed higher incidence of fraud, perpetrated both by external customers and through collaboration with internal staff. Corporate fraud increases by the day with the concomitant difficulty of its management. With increasing sophistication of banking products and challenges of competition, the risk of fraud also increases with both internal and external threat aiming to sabotage business activities through fraudulent practices.

Given the level of fraud in the environment, and the incidence of loss or potential losses in the banking industry, it is imperative to formally acknowledge that Fraud Risk has to be managed as any other risk (credit, liquidity, operational, etc). Businesses, especially banks, need to develop a fraud management culture in the business and formulate and implement fraud management strategy to address fraud issues. Fraud vulnerability factors by product/services have to be identified while corresponding controls need to be implemented and tested periodically through the self-assessment process.

To entrench a robust control environment based on good business ethics, better understanding of fraud risk and control, and strict adherence to policies and procedures, Control Edge Consulting has designed a 3-day training program on Fraud Management to address fraud management issues.


The course is designed to familiarize participants with modern approach to sound fraud management strategy. It will also enable them appreciate the characteristics profile of corporate fraudsters. It will demonstrate to participants how appropriate staffing and organizational structure assist organizations to prevent internal threat and fraudulent activities. The course will equip participants with tools and techniques of managing corporate fraud through a consistent approach to fraud prevention, detection, deterrence, recovery and control.


Risk manager, relationship manager, credit analyst, internal control officer, credit administration officers, legal officers, operations officers, compliance officers


Module 1: Overview of the Fraud Risk Environment
Module 2: Fraud Management Policy
Module 3: Fraud Management Model
Module 4: Fraud Risk Analysis
Module 5: Fraud Awareness
Module 6: Electronic Fraud
Module 7: Internal Threat
Module 8: Prevention, Detention and Control


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