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The Course is a 3-day program.

The control environment is determined by the control consciousness of an organization, which sets the tone for the way people conduct their activities and carry out their control functions.  It provides the foundation that influences other components of internal control system implemented for the smooth running of the business. The control environment emphasizes the key roles and responsibilities of stakeholders such as the board of directors, senior management, risk management committees and line management in effective discharge of functions that establishes and continuously improve the environment. It is greatly influenced by the extent to which individuals recognize that they will be held accountable for their actions in an atmosphere of effective human resource policies and procedures. The need for a strong and robust control environment in a banking environment cannot be overemphasized.

With increasing sophistication of banking products and challenges of competition, there is need for continuous assessment of internal control processes and institutional framework for consistent improvement of the control environment.  Risk and control policies should underscore the virtue and need for consistent framework for describing business activities, processes, risks and controls, monitoring and testing those controls, assessing the controls and reporting of the monitoring and assessment activities.  It should articulate the business control environment and facilitate adherence to corporate standards and regulatory requirements. To adequately meet this challenge, Control Edge Consulting Limited has designed a training course on internal control to enable officers of banks, involved in day-to-day control functions, to acquire new skills and update existing ones.

Control Edge Consulting Limited hereby presents a 3-day training proposal on Improving the Control Environment for bank officers’ appreciation of risks and controls. It will also serve to establish sound risk and control management culture to improve your bank’s control environment.


The course is designed to enable participants understand the control environment and why so much emphasis is placed on risk and control.  It explains the benefits of strong controls and identifies the consequences of poor, weak or absent control. It helps organizations to properly identify inherent risk in the business and various control framework required to address them.  It will enable participants to appreciate virtue of strong risk governance architecture and who is responsible for internal control. Participants will also be able to understand and utilize various tools and techniques of control.


Senior Operations Officers, Internal Control Officers, Internal Auditors, Credit Analysts, Relationship Managers, Operations Officers, Compliance Officers, Legal Officers


Module 1:  Overview of the Control Environment
Module 2:  Governance Architecture
Module 3:  Policies and Procedure
Module 4:  Operations Controls 
Module 5:  General Control
Module 6:  Audit Approach to Control                               
Module 7:  Risk Assessment 
Module 8:  Inherent Risks in Operations rocesses                                                            
Module 9:  Test of Internal Control
Module 10: Corrective Action Process


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