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The program runs for 5 days

Our Enterprise Risk and Control Self-Assessment (ERCSA) training program provides the necessary back-end tools and techniques to test the efficacy of the enterprise-wide risk management (ERM) framework. It determines the risk maturity of organizations for effective implementation of the ERM and whether or not controls are working as designed. ERCSA is a process whereby enterprise risks that may arise from business strategy, objectives, systems, products, processes, and activities are identified, and the effectiveness of the controls over those risks are evaluated, tested and monitored. It provides an end-to-end tool for the identification, measurement and evaluation of risks and an assessment of established controls for risk treatment to ensure that they are effectively controlling the risks.

Absence of Risk and Control Self-Assessment culture in most banks has resulted in untold problems of risk management. Adequate knowledge of risk identification, understanding and profiling, in all areas of the organization, enables appropriate application of control to effectively manage the risks. The ERCSA training, therefore, underscores the virtues and need for a consistent framework for describing business activities, processes, risks and controls, monitoring and testing those controls, assessing the controls and reporting of the monitoring and assessment activities. It articulates the business control environment and facilitates adherence to corporate standards and regulatory requirements. In this course, we establish process whereby operational and other enterprise risks that may arise from business strategy, objectives, products and activities are identified and measured, and the effectiveness of the controls over those risks are evaluated, tested and monitored.

The training will enable your bank to undertake performance assessment of your enterprise risk management framework and to consciously enhance policies and procedures to consistently identify risks, apply effective controls, undertake continuous self-assessment; report and monitor control issues and establish adequate corrective action process to address the issues. Enterprise-wide Risk and Control Self-Assessment takes risk management beyond the realm of policy pronouncement and documentation and establishes a culture that fosters thorough understanding and ownership of the process by the entire workforce and the ability to speak one language with respect to enterprise risks and internal control process. It is a prerequisite for the institution of a sound control environment in your bank and assures adequate response to compliance with the Risk Based Supervision (RBS) Framework recently introduced by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation for banking supervising.

Control Edge Consulting Limited hereby presents a 5-day training program on Enterprise-wide Risk and Control Self-Assessment to enable banks appreciate and test the efficacy of enterprise risk management framework and establish sound risk and control management culture to improve the risk and control environment.

The training will be facilitated by ex-bankers with core competence in risks and controls in the banking environment. Our faculty is rich with experienced people who have been tried and tested in the industry in various spheres of banking and who are ready to share the premium of their experiences through training and consulting.


The training seeks to provide participants with tools and techniques of risk and control self-assessment for effective internal control process for the improvement of the risk and control environment. It provides tools and methods for identification and assessment of business risks and application of controls for effective risk management strategy. It emphasizes the critical role of well-articulated risk architecture in the risk and control approval process. It will familiarize participants with risk management strategies that facilitate sound appraisal process in risk creation and demonstrate how internal control failures can be avoided through a well-established risk management and risk and control self-assessment process.


Senior Management Staff, Management Staff, Divisional Heads, Operations Heads, Relationship Managers, Credit Analysts, Credit Administration Officers, Legal Officers, Internal Control Officers, Internal Auditors, Operations Officers, Compliance Officers.


Module 1: Overview of the Risk and Control Environment
Module 2: The Risk Families
Module 3: Risk and Control Self-Assessment Policy
Module 4: Operational Risks Policy
Module 5: Governance Architecture
Module 6: Self-Assessment Process Mapping
Module 7: Risk Assessment Matrix (RAM)
Module 8: Enterprise Risk Measurement (Per Risk Family)
Module 9: Testing and Rating of Controls
Module 10: Corrective Action Process
Module 11: Monitoring and Reporting

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