The course is a 5-day training program.

Our Risk and Control Assessment Program adopts the Enterprise-wide Risk Management approach.  Absence of Risk and Control Self-Assessment culture in most banks has resulted in untold problems of risk management.  Adequate knowledge of risk identification, understanding and profiling, in all areas of the Bank, enable appropriate applications of control mix to effectively manage the risks.  The course therefore underscores the virtues and need for a consistent framework for describing business activities, processes, risks and controls, monitoring and testing those controls, assessing the controls and reporting of the monitoring and assessment activities.  It articulates the business control environment and facilitates adherence to corporate standards and regulatory requirements.  In this course, we establish process whereby operational risks that may arise from business strategy, objectives, products and activities are identified and measured, and the effectiveness of the controls over those risks are evaluated, tested and monitored.  The course is surely a prerequisite for the institution of a sound control environment in our banks and assurance of Compliance with the Risk Based Supervision (RBS) Framework recently announced by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Nigeria Deposit Insurance Corporation for supervising the Banks with effect from third quarter 2006.

We also offer consultancy services in RCSA to assist banks implement the process.


The course provides participants with the basic and modern techniques for the improvement of the risk and control environment.  It provides tools and methods for identification and assessment of business risk and application of controls for effective risk management strategy.

The course is divided into 9 modules as follow:

Module 1:  The Control Environment
Module 2:  Risks and Controls Policy
Module 3:  Operational Risks Policy
Module 4:  Governance Architecture
Module 5:  Risks and Controls Assessment Process
Module 6:  Operational Risk Measurement
Module 7:  Testing of Controls 
Module 8:  Corrective Action Process
Module 9:  Monitoring and Reporting